Plans starting at $79/month.

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24/7 Live Watch

Virtual Patrol® by Patroleum®

Home, Business or Enterprise.

Faster Detection

Patroleum detects authorized and unauthorized users within seconds.

Faster Response

Patroleum sends police 3x faster than our competitors. Our technology is proven.

24/7 Assistance

Meet the company who doesn't sleep and is always fueled. Open 24/7 365.

Faster Response

We send police 3x faster than competitors.

Always On Security

Patroleum is watching live 24/7, unless disarmed.

Instant Alarms

Sirens are enabled the second of an intrusion.

Faster Detection

We detect unauthorized users within seconds.

Automatic lock/unlock

Optional feature to unlock doors automatically.

Privacy Protection

All systems are 100% secure and private.

100% Responsible Free Security

Patroleum watches your property, so you don't have to.

Around the clock monitoring

Patroleum doesn't blink, sleep or get distracted. The moment an unauthorized user steps into your property, Patroleum is ready to engage. Sit back, relax and let us handle your security needs.

Upgrade your security system.
Plans starting at $79/month

Get Virtual Patrol® for your property today. With plans starting as low as $79/month, there's no excuse why Patroleum is not watching your property. Plans available for apartments, condos, homes, businesses and enterprises.

Virtual Patrol®

Key Features

24/7 Live Watch

Patroleum watches your home, business or enterprise, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you don't have to.

Immediate Alarms

If Patroleum sees suspicious activity or unauthorized intruders on your property, sirens are enabled immediately.

Instant Verification

We don't wait until users enter a PIN or password, we verify users the second they step on the property automatically.

Catch criminals faster

Patroleum's technology is tested & proven to detect intrusions & catch criminals faster than competitors.